How to win at Black Jack?

To win at Black Jack, you must obtain a stronger hand than that of the dealer, without busting (exceeding 21 points). To do this, you will need to make the right decisions after receiving your initial hand of cards. Indeed, once these first two cards have been allocated, you must first make a decision taking into account the card face down. You will have to say whether you want to “Shoot” or “Stay”.

The first option will allow you to receive an additional card which will therefore logically increase the value of your hand. And if the total of this new hand does not suit you, you will be able to draw again and again. As soon as you choose to “Stay”, your total points are blocked. The dealer will then act in turn according to the rules of the game.

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The outcome of a game of Black Jack therefore essentially depends onn your ability to anticipate the nature of the cards that have not yet left the shoe.

Blackjack strategy

As you will understand, Black Jack is a game where luck is present, but where the player can influence the outcome of the games depending on the decisions they make. Because of this, there are different strategies that improve the players’ chances of winning. The first is the basic Black Jack strategy.

Developed by Professor Baldwin and taken up by the famous player Ed Thorp , this strategy, when properly applied, makes it possible to minimize the natural advantage of the casino, and even to tip it in favor of the player. For many specialists, this is a strategy to know absolutely!

The other very popular BlackJack strategy is card counting. Considered by many to be the ultimate strategy to beat the casino every time, it is based, as the name suggests, on a count of cards already issued in order to determine as precisely as possible those to come.

However, it is very demanding and has certain limits, especially since the casino operators became aware of its existence. Other relatively effective strategies can also be learned and applied at Blackjack tables.

Black Jack live, for a realistic experience from home

To play Black Jack today, you don’t have to go to a casino, or even travel from home. Like all other popular gambling games, it is indeed offered on the platforms of a multitude of virtual casinos. From the comfort of your home or from any other place, you can therefore play it, on your PC, your tablet or even your smartphone.

Blackjack in rng

This form of the game, called online blackjack, is available in a multitude of variants in which we play against a computer system including an RNG (Random Number Generator) which guarantees the fairness of the games. The basic rules are the same as those applied in physical casinos and some special rules are included, depending on the variant concerned.

But if online Black Jack with RNG allows you to play remotely, this formula has a number of limits in terms of realism and overall quality of the gaming experience. The parties are indeed not very warm and their repetitive character generally comes soon enough to overcome the real enthusiasts.

Live blackjack with live dealers

Virtual casino games have developed tables, the games of which are played out and are broadcast live streaming from studios. In these, professional croupiers maintain Black Jack tables, as in real casinos.

Once connected to these tables, online players can face real dealers with best casino bonuses. The cameras and microphones used allow a real feeling of immersion in the environment of these “simulated casinos“.

In addition, depending on the publisher who offers these Black Jack Live tables, different features generally allow you to configure the game interface and make the most of each game. This is particularly the case with the Live Chat feature, through which players can chat directly with the dealer, and sometimes even, with each other.

Live blackjack software

There are many variations on best casino bonuses offer, with popular titles like Blackjack Party , Infinite Blackjack and Perfect BlackJack. These game tables come from Evolution Gaming, a true pioneer of tables with live dealers. This same software also offers best casino bonuses tables reserved for VIP players like the Private Blackjack Lounge and other tables for big budget players.

But of course, to play at these live Black Jack tables, it is necessary to register beforehand at an online casino and make a deposit in real money. However, if what you want above all is to be able to play your favourite online game without having to bet your money, you can do so at the blackjack tables in RNG. On most online casinos, these are indeed offered in a free best casino bonuses or Demo mode. To play on these tables, you do not need to make any deposit. You play just for fun, with free chips from the casino. You will not pocket any of your possible winnings, but you will not lose anything either. This option is particularly interesting for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game and refine their strategy.

All publishers of live casino games offer best casino bonuses to online players the possibility of playing on PC, tablets or Smartphone, directly in their browser. No software download is therefore necessary. You now know the basics of Black Jack today. For more details on the different points that we briefly touched on here, do not hesitate to consult our other pages dedicated to this card game which is definitely one of the most interesting.


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