The era of Crypto-currencies in Online Casino

Many players tend to move around a lot or to travel often. This should not however prevent them from being able to play, make bets, etc. Fortunately, some online casinos offer mobile versions that run on the most popular operating systems, namely Android and iOS. A good mobile application should be bug-free and should run without crashing. Indeed, errors can cause irreversible damage, or even a loss of money, that’s why we must consider developing a version that is effective!

For people who don’t know what cryptocurrencies are, these are virtual currencies that have emerged quite recently. They are transmitted through a computer network called a peer to peer network but do not have a legal definition strictly speaking. These currencies have several advantages, the most notable of which are:

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  • The sender and the recipient are known by their respective IP addresses on the internet.
  • In terms of online world, these currencies have been specially designed for use on World Wide Web, which greatly encourages e-commerce.
  • Exchanges are more secure provided that the necessary policies are drawn up.

Unfortunately, these advantages do not come alone as we identify some disadvantages.

  • You should know that there are many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethern, Nano, and many others. The concern being that there is no equivalence between all these assets.
  • Likewise, their courses are all very changeable. You are therefore never immune to hyperinflation, or even the opposite.
  • Cryptocurrencies are strongly disapproved by the banks, who only want to see conventional currencies continue to thrive. By conventional currencies we mean the dollar, the euro, etc.
  • Cryptocurrencies also have a bad reputation as they were originally used when they first appeared for dishonest purposes such as arms and drug trafficking.
  • The peer-to-peer network is not very sophisticated, and if the adequate security methods are not good, the risk of piracy and theft of coins is very high.


Another fundamental point that must be observed is online information security. Indeed, it occurs wherever we use information and communication methodologies and technologies to protect our data which can circulate on the internet or on any multimedia medium. In the case of online casinos, there is the data of the players and of course the money that circulates for betting and others.

Of course, this is a vast and rich field which includes several branches, in particular network and wireless network security, operating system security, database security, but also operational security and software reliability, IT audits, intrusion detection, and more. We will also mention cryptography is based on mathematics and it makes possible to encrypt and encode data or transactions. Thus, a monetary transaction between a person A and another person B could not be understood by any person C coming to intercept it, it could not understand anything since it does not have the decryption key.

In addition, IT security must meet three major and fundamental criteria, namely those listed in the list given below:

  • We start with the criterion of confidentiality. Indeed, the data must remain secret and relate only to the person in question. They must therefore not be disclosed or be accessible to other users of the casino.
  • We continue with the criterion of integrity. Just as data must remain confidential, it must also remain unchanged.
  • Finally, we end with the availability criterion which stipulates that the casino site must remain accessible whatever the state of the system, but also whatever the geographic location of the user.

Customers’ opinions

Of course, the opinion of customers is also essential. We end this part with this criterion! Indeed, be aware that users generally do not hesitate to submit their comments and opinions on any product they have previously tested. You will therefore have no trouble getting an idea of ​​the reputation of a casino by consulting social networks and certain other platforms such as forums, Casino review websites.

Online casinos that have all of these qualities

After talking to you in detail about the various factors that must be taken into account when choosing, we will now tell you about the casinos that meet all these conditions and that you will therefore have to choose! Indeed, many have decided to drop ground casinos altogether and have found refuge in online casinos which allow them to enjoy an unparalleled immersion. We help them find the casinos that can meet their expectations and hope to save them the choice of carrying out a comparative study by them.

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