Online casino scams: how to avoid them?

This is particularly the case of online casinos. Except that they present a high risk of being scammed. Here is the ultimate guide to recognize a malicious online casino.

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Learn about casino certifications

In order to deal with this type of scam, several organizations including powerful members have been created to monitor the actions of online casinos. Following the example of ARJEL, this defines a specification which groups together all the characteristics with which a site of this type must equip itself in order to guarantee its honesty and protect the client.

Before relying on an online casino site, check the list of licensed online casinos that have a gaming license. In this case, you know that the casino follows very specific standards that do not let it scam you.

Seek advice from former players

Word of mouth can be a good way to tell if the casino you are about to sign up with Casino Welcome Bonus is reliable. It is best to always consult the advice of former customers and listen to their experiences in order to learn from their mistakes and avoid the pitfalls in which they fell. For this you can:

  • Consult the player’s forums: You will find there invaluable information concerning the behaviour of the casinos as well as their manner of treating their customers.
  • Consult online comparators: These comparators are often set up by the authorities regulating online games of chance in order to provide concrete support for players.
  • Consult the blogs of the best casino players: In general, when an experienced player has tested several casinos, he shares all his opinions and all his experiences with the rest of the player community.

Read the terms and conditions of an online casino

In general, online casinos present a much improved image with many Casino Welcome Bonus that you will not find anywhere else. This can make you think you have come across the gem. Think again! Many casinos use this strategy for players to register and make a first deposit and then others hoping to reach a bonus. But in most cases, he finds himself forced to fulfill far too difficult conditions in order to gain access to their earnings.

This is why you must read the site terms and conditions very well and find out about the maximum and minimum wagering and withdrawal conditions. A casino that intends to rip you off will do everything to make it harder for you to access your money.

Check casino payment methods

It is important to make sure that you are using secure payment methods . First, find out if the casino offers several choices. In case you are limited to one method, tell yourself that the casino offers a method that suits it alone!

The most reliable casinos are those that offer various and reliable means such as bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), electronic wallets (PayPal, Skril, Neteller) and prepaid cards (Paysafecard).

Customer service of the online casino

Online casinos with bad intentions ensure that they are as distant as possible from their customers so as not to suffer their complaints and requests. Once your money is deposited in this kind of casino, you can no longer claim anything, as that is its intention.

You can confirm if the customer service of an online casino is responsive by consulting the opinion of former customers.

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